The Internet of Things (IoT) is no longer a buzzword used to sell trinkets with a simplistic app. Okay, it may still sell connected toothbrushes that record your brushing habits into a “health dashboard,” but in the next five years the IoT will impact every aspect of our lives, from home environment sensors that communicate to maximize efficiency to wireless medical devices that communicate to maximize lifespan.

This high demand technology is inescapable, and it uses innovative and, more importantly, inventive design to improve quality of life.

On this episode of Engineering Live (On Demand), we’ve assembled an expert panel with direct influence on the IoT to discuss the current state of the industry; where we’ll be in five years; and the key componentry that is making it all possible.

The panel includes:

Richard Kerslake

Wireless Connectivity Solutions at Texas Instruments.

Larry Zibrik
Vice President of Market Development, Sierra Wireless

David Gascón

co-founder and CTO of Libelium