Today on Engineering Newswire, brought to you by Interpower, the premier supplier of power system components for worldwide markets, we’re 3D printing our own Pez dispensers, transforming sitting chairs into rowing machines, and sending messages that will self-destruct. This episode also features:

  • Hot Pop Factory, a 3D printed jewelry maker, has taken their 3D scanning and printing obsession to a new level, creating a fleet of customized PEZ dispensers.
  • Researchers have begun work on a prototype electric vehicle dubbed MUTE with an innovative monocoque body structure that combines lightweight materials for good stability while keeping weight to a minimum.
  • GEWOS looks like a conventional armchair, but a glimpse inside reveals microsystem technology that measures key bodily functions. A tablet PC transmits that data to the television and the user can view trends in pulse rate, blood oxygen saturation, blood pressure, and weight.
  •  DARPA is investigating self-destructing electronics to prevent classified information from getting into enemy hands with its new Vanishing Programmable Resources Program.
  •  The Korea Institute of Robot and Convergence has released a nurse droid KIRO-M5, a compact transportation robot that can carry supplies, sterilize and deodorize the air, and alert nurses when the elderly patients need their diapers changed.

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