Today on Engineering Newswire, brought to you by Mouser Electronics, the electronic components distributor that adds new parts daily and offers same-day shipping with no minimum order, we’re building a better atom smasher, creating music with a spark-shooting Tesla coil, and developing a robot that vomits on command. This episode features:

  • CERN’s great and powerful atom smasher is about to take a two-year break from subatomic particle bashing.
  • OneTesla, an emerging startup in Cambridge, Massachusetts, has launched a Kickstarter campaign for a Do-it-yourself Tesla coil.
  • Researchers at the Health and Safety Laboratory in Derbyshire, UK, have developed a robot that projectile vomits on command as a tool for studying the spread of the highly infectious norovirus.
  • Researchers at the Fraunhofer Institute have created a solution that will make the key app concept more versatile and secure: ShareKey. ShareKey allows users to issue digital keys remotely and then assigning those keys to user permissions.
  • GE is developing a new jet engine under the USAF ADVENT project, which is looking to save 25% in fuel.  In the revolutionary engine, the high-pressure core exhaust and low-pressure streams of a conventional turbofan are joined by a third outer flow path, transforming it from a strike aircraft engine to a transport type engine.

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