Today on Engineering Newswire, we're stretching wires to incredible lengths, embracing the great bartender in the sky, and cooling laptops with jet engines. Today's episode features:

  • Researchers at North Carolina University have created conductive wires that can be stretched up to eight times their length, making the realization of smart textiles, intelligent clothing, and cords that won't come unplugged ever closer. 
  • The miraclefeet Foundation worked with a design firm known as ReAllocate to develop low-cost, easy-to-assemble brace for children with club foot in developing countries.
  • GE recently unveiled a miniaturized, duel piezoelectric cooling jet, DCJ, to help keep the next generation of ultra-thin devices cool by using half the power of conventional cooling methods.
  • In an attempt to make flights cheaper and more comfortable for passengers German firms SkyMax and Air Eltec have developed the Skytender trolley -- an automated drink machine that promises to render conventional airline bottles and cans obsolete.
  • Jet Machines Extreme is building a flyable vest with four mini turbojets, a modern-day version of the Bell rocket belt from the 1965 James Bond movie, Thunderball.

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