Today on Engineering Newswire, brought to you by PD&D TV, we’re building a bionic arm, creating a bladeless ceiling fan, and adding hands-free augmented reality to glasses. This episode features:

  • Researchers at the Fraunhofer Center for Organics, Materials and Electronic Devices have spent years designing interactive head mounted displays based on OLED technology that can access augmented reality and enhance the real world with additional visual information.
  • The Perceptual Robotics Laboratory in Italy has developed a wearable, mechanical exoskeleton called the Body Extender.
  • Nigel Ackland’s bionic arm, the bebionic v2 hand from RSLSteeper, has a manually adjustable thumb with two locking positions with an integrated sensor for position detection.
  • The PatrolBot, built by software engineer Steve Norris … in his spare.
  • Exhale Fans, a Georgetown, Indiana-based ceiling manufacturer, that is determined to disrupt the fan industry with its innovative, bladeless ceiling fan design.

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