Today on engineering newswire, brought to you by Memory Protection Devices, we’re painting dreams with robots, monitoring our neural activity, and carving pumpkins with CNCs. In this episode we feature:

  • The Muse headband is a new wearable device that lets users monitor neural activity in real time via their mobile devices.
  • Students at the University of Alabama in Huntsville have come up with a one-handed solution to solve all of our typing and texting obstacles: The GAUNTLET.
  • ABB’s IRB 120 robot transcribes the overnight movements of sleeping guests at hotels by using software-processed data transmitted by 80 sensors embedded in the mattress.
  • Scientists at the U.S. Department of Energy’s Ames Lab may have found an answer to the rare earth magnet shortage— recycling.
  • The unique 1.6-liter Nissan DIG-T DeltaWing bears a striking resemblance to the a vehicle driven by the caped crusader (that means Batman).
  • The Punkin-Bot is a CNC machine concept that carves pumpkins — soon talentless pumpkin carvers will bring a pumpkin into a shop to have a custom carving job done for them on a machine.

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