While once considered inevitable, damaging liquid seepage into cradle connectors can now be prevented with Yokowo’s (San Diego, CA) new male side (cradle) connector that designated waterproof and achieves an IPX7 rating. The moving-part construction of pogo pins typically allows liquids to penetrate through gaps. By reversing the direction of the pogo pins in the housing and incorporating a rubber strip, Yokowo’s male side (cradle) connector prevents seepage. Features include:

  • Rated currents from 2 – 10 A.
  • A contact resistance of min 50 – 100 mΩ (adjustable according to customer requirements).
  • An operating temperature range of -45º - +85ºC.
  • A voltage of 12 V.
  • A durability is 20k – 100k cycles.

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