Components Corporation (Denville, NJ) has expanded product offerings to include a series of single-molded test points, eliminating the standard cut edge. The color-coded plastic stand-offs of the new TP-104, TP-105, TP-106 enhance visibility for easy polarization and identification on a crowded circuit board.

The TP-104 features: 

  • Color-coded solid non-slip grip of test clips and probes.
  • Single hole wave-solderability.
  • Availability without a “burr”.

The TP-105 features: 

  • A loop profile for positive test probe retention.
  • An above-board profile that is substantially below that of headers and other devices used as test points.
  • The ability to refit without any printed circuit board layout re-design costs.

The TP-106 features: 

  • A profile which stands above crowded circuitry.
  • A positive anchor for spring loaded clips or probe tips.
  • An anchor size that is large enough to terminate conventional alligator clips.
  • A design that is a single molded part without a “burr”.

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