Saelig (Fairport, NY) has introduced the PSA Series II RF Spectrum Analyzers. Available in 1.3GHz and 2.7GHz versions, these new instruments are smaller, lighter and have longer battery life than other more expensive handheld RF products. The ruggedized casing incorporates a rubber protection buffer, a bench stand, and screen protection. For bench-top use, the instrument can be operated continuously from its AC charger. For portable use, the long battery life of eight hours can be further extended by selecting auto-off which turns the instrument off (retaining all data) after a selectable delay of 5 to 60 minutes from last key press. Features include:

  • 4.3" (11cm) backlit TFT color touch-screen display.
  • High capacity, rechargeable Li-ion battery, giving more than 8 hours of operation per charge.
  • Frequency range of 1MHz to 1300MHz.
  • Dynamic range of 80dB with a noise floor at -100dBm.
  • Sweep modes (continuous, single, peak hold and sweep average).
  • AM/FM audio demodulation with built-in speaker.
  • Data logging for traces, data points, or screen images.
  • Storage for 10,000 entries per file, triggered from a key press, internal timer, external trigger, or limits comparator.


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