The RNV14 from Stackpole (Raleigh, NC) is a ¼ watt high voltage metal film resistor which is able to withstand environments with high moisture.  The RNV14 is designed for a wide range of high voltage power supplies and controls, as well as robotics, medical devices, test equipment, welding equipment, plasma cutters, network equipment, automotive electronics, instrumentation, aerospace, and industrial automation. Features include:

  • High voltage metal film element.
  • Maximum working voltage of 1600 volts DC, 1150 AC.
  • Can withstand surges up to 7KV per IEC60065.14.1.
  • Robust film and protective coating.
  • Can withstand prolonged exposure to 200C heat.
  • Can withstand levels above 90% RH with little shift resistance.
  • Available in ammo pack, tape, and reel packaging.  


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