Premo (Málaga, Spain) is announcing an innovative solution that combines an LF wake up and the communication via transceiver at 2.4GHz through PREMO emitter antennas and 3Dcoils. This solution extends the use of the emitter antennas and the 3d antenna to the field of active tags. The data are not transmitted in low frequency but UHF with a higher bandwidth and transmission capacity; the major problem of active tags, the battery life, can be solved. Now it is possible to operate for three years with a small CR2032 coin cell. Features include:

  • Active tags determined by LF (15-150kHz) wake up receiver.
  • Frequency shift keying (FSK) transceiver.
  • An ultra-low power MCU.
  • Three-dimensional antenna system, with an antenna in each of the x, y, and z axes.
  • Cap at 7.2mH, feeding one of the device´s inputs.


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