Remform screws from Arnold Umformtechnik GmbH reduce the overall assembly cost of plastic parts, as they do not require nuts or inserts. They ensure the highest levels of assembly security, due to a specific design that creates a large difference between the forming torque and the stripping torque. The main application of REMFORM for plastic parts assembly is the automotive industry. The stripping torque and pull-out load, as well as the difference between the threading and stripping torques, are in some cases considerably more than 30% greater than the values with 30-degree low-angle screws. Features include:

  • High threading speed.
  • Asymmetrical thread geometry.
  • Radius thread flank, facing away from the screw head.
  • Accommodates displaced plastic and increases the thread flank overlap.
  • Ensures high breakaway force for tension and torque.

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