Orion Fans (Dallas, TX) has expanded its product offering to include IP55-rated versions of its OA Series AC fans, making them ideal for rugged, harsh environment applications. The IP55-rated AC fans include the following models, OA109, OA172SAP, OA172SAPL, OA180, OA225 and OA280 fans, which are available in voltage ranges of 115VAC and 230VAC and power ratings from 8W to 158W, with airflows of 110CFM to 1,130CFM. Features include:

  • Diecast aluminum frames.
  • Ball bearing system delivers a reliable and quiet cooling solution. 
  • Tachometer output.
  • Locked rotor alarm.
  • Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) input.
  • Thermal and constant speed controls.


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