Heidenhain (Schaumburg, IL) is expanding its absolute rotary encoder offering with the new RIQ/IQN 425 series. These sturdy, inductive rotary encoders were designed for use in applications in the automation and wind energy industries, wood machining, tracking systems for photovoltaic facilities and direct measurement of elevator cabins. The rotary encoders of the RIQ / IQN 425 series are characterized by their contamination-resistant inductive scanning.  These encoders are available with 10mm or 6mm stub shafts, or 12mm hollow shaft (blind and through-shaft). The stub shaft variants are offered with synchro and clamping flanges. Features include:

  • Robust bearings with an axial shaft load of 100 N and radial shaft loads exceeding 125 N.
  • High shaft load ratings, suitable for applications with belt drives, toothed belt drives, or directly coupled gear wheels.
  • Inductive scanning and stout bearings, to survive high vibration, shock, and shaft loads.
  • 8192 positions per revolution (13 bits) and 4096 (12 bits) distinguishable revolutions.
  • Accuracy near 100 arc seconds. 
  • EnDat and SSI outputs; readily fit into the same space as encoders of Heidenhain’s ROQ/EQN 400 series.


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