Ideal for drinking water, surface water monitoring, AquaCulture, municipal wastewater treatment, and industrial water treatment.

Electro-Chemical Devices (ECD) (Irvine, CA) is introducing their Fluorescence Quenching (FQ) sensing element, the advanced second-generation Triton DO80 Dissolved Oxygen Sensor. The device delivers accurate DO measurement in a wide range of municipal and industrial water treatment applications and now offers an ultra-long life membrane cap for years of service. Its breakthrough FQ sensing element eliminates the need for frequent calibration or membrane replacement. The DO80 interfaces seamlessly with ECD’s new T80 Universal Transmitter for a versatile cost-saving measurement solution. Features include:

  • Precision FQ optical technology design, coupled with intelligent microprocessor-based electronics. 
  • A self-monitoring DO8 stores calibration data within the sensor.
  • A maximum error of less than 2 percent.
  • Repeatability of ±0.5 percent and resolution of 0.01 ppm or 0.01 percent saturation. 
  • Operates over a wide measurement range with three different outputs from 0 to 20 mg/l (0-20 ppm), 0-200 percent saturation or 0-400 hPa (0-6 psi). 
  • Developed for rugged use in harsh municipal and industrial water treatment environments.


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