Hirose Electric (Simi Valley, CA) has developed the DF60 Series, a board-to-wire connector with the capacity to handle up to 40 A. The DF60 Series utilizes three lower contact points that are separated and individually deflect while being mated. Each of these contact points follow the flat surface of the male contact, which is contrary to the conventional type of connector contact where points reside on the same plane. Features include:

  • A highly reliable five-point contact design with independent contact springs.
  • A center lock with a clear tactile ‘click’ to ensure secure mating.
  • Guards designed into the connector body prevent cable snaring.
  • Three different connection styles, straight, right angle, and in-line.
  • A lance strength of 49 N and an inertial lock force of 98 N.
  • A rated voltage of 1000 V AC-DC.
  • The ability to withstand 3000 V AC for 1 minute.
  • Wire conductor sizes range from AWG #8 to #12.
  • Up to 30 insertion/withdrawal cycles.

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