Kionix (Ithaca, NY) has announced the KMX61G – a high performance accelerometer-magnetometer sensor with industry-leading sensor fusion software that delivers the world’s first highly accurate gyro emulation using just 550 μA of power. Now a single 6-axis device can provide 9-axis accelerometer, magnetometer (e-compass) and gyro outputs with a power profile that enables applications previously unreachable using traditional 9-axis solutions. Features include:

  • 512-byte FIFO buffer with watermarking.
  • Embedded temperature sensor.
  • A low-power, embedded motion wake-up function.
  • 5 μA standby, 550 μA full operating power consumption.
  • A user-programmable ±2g/±4g/±8g full-scale accelerometer range.
  • A ±1200 μT total magnetometer measurement range.
  • User-selectable ODR from 0.781 Hz to 1.6 KHz. 

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