Optimized design reduces field failures caused by surge currents in high-power applications

TT electronics (Weybridge, UK) has introduced the WPRT Series of Wirewound Power Radial Terminal Resistors, qualified for AEC-Q200 and designed to address the specific requirements of high-power applications including hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs). This new resistor family is constructed from a high purity ceramic rod with force-fit end-caps, over which is wound a wire element. This is then placed within a ceramic case using fireproof insulation cement. As a result, the resistors are flameproof under specified temperature and overload conditions. The unique design has been optimized for its surge performance, making it ideal for electric vehicles and motor drives. Manufactured to the highest tolerance, the WPRT Series also improves assembly, as it fits into automotive protective moldings. Other features include:

  • Compatibility for pre-charge and BDU discharge applications.
  • Surge-protection design.
  • Suitable for UPS systems.
  • Power ratings from 10W to 50W.
  • Maximum of 250W overload.
  • Conforms to E24 standard resistor values.


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