Acopian (Easton, PA) has announced the availability of a new family of programmable AC-DC power supplies. Acopian's programmable switching power supplies with wide-adjust output voltages are suitable for use in a broad range of ATE, OEM and laboratory applications such as component testing, semiconductor burn-in, test and measurement, RF Amplifiers, LED/laser testing, as well as a variety of electromagnetic and electromechanical applications. Features include:

  • Wide-adjust output voltages from 0 – 5 V to 0 – 135 V.
  • Current capabilities up to 70 A.
  • 750 W of output power.
  • Accommodation of the universal AC input voltage of 95 to 265 VAC.
  • An optional fixed auxiliary output of between 3.3 and 125 Vdc, up to 180 W.

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