Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) (Dallas, TX) [NASDAQ: TXN] has introduced a wideband frequency synthesizer with integrated voltage-controlled oscillator (VCO) that delivers the industry’s lowest phase noise. Its combination of ultra-low noise phase-locked loop (PLL) and industry’s highest phase detector frequency outperforms the competition in both phase noise and spurs. The LMX2581 combines the capability to drive highest system performance along with the flexibility of a wideband frequency synthesizer that outputs 50 to 3760 MHz. Key features and benefits of the LMX2581 include:

  • A Phase detector frequency of 200 MHz and ultra-low PLL normalized phase noise of -229 dBc/Hz that provides a precision local oscillator to an RF front end for better receiver sensitivity.
  • Multi-core VCO that provides maximum flexibility.
  • An integrated VCO that allows the device to output frequencies from 50 to 3760 MHz, eliminating the multiple VCO/PLL combinations typically required to support a broad range of applications.
  • Low fractional spurs for high RF spectral purity: Delta-sigma PLLatinum PLL engine with 200-MHz phase detector frequency boosts spurious performance.
  • Integration, which reduces bill of materials costs.
  • 2 differential RF output buffers that can deliver 10 dBm single-ended on each side.
  • Several low-noise, high precision low dropout regulators (LDOs).

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