Texas Instruments Incorporated (Dallas, TX) (NASDAQ: TXN) has announced MSP430F66xx microcontrollers with embedded 512K Flash and 64K RAM. These larger memory resources enable MSP430 devices to easily manage wireless protocols, such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and ZigBee, making it a companion microcontroller for TI’s broad portfolio of wireless connectivity applications including the SimpleLink family. Features include:

  • Advanced analog integration.
  • A 160-segment LCD driver.
  • A code and pin compatible extension of MSP430F663x microcontrollers, which offer 256K Flash and 16k RAM.
  • Increased memory plus analog signal chain, including 12-bit analog-to-digital (ADC) and digital-to-analog converters (DAC).
  • Standby power as low as 2uA with RAM retention enabled for 3us fast wake-up.

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