Pepperl+Fuchs (Twinsburg, OH) has added new short cylindrical barrel and square profile models to its NBB family of inductive sensors. Just 8 mm in diameter, NBB1.5-8GM16-E2 short barrel sensors are available in PNP normally open and normally closed models. Their compact size and reliable operation make them an ideal sensing solution in space restricted machine mounting applications where super-fast switching speeds are necessary. Features include:

  • Sensing ranges up to 1.5 mm.
  • A switching frequency up to 10 KHz.
  • An operational temperature range of -25° to +85°C (-13° to 185°F).
  • A super short and robust 16 mm cylindrical stainless steel housing (NBB1.5-6,5S16-E2) or a 25mm long brass, nickel-plated housing with a 5mm square profile (NBB0,8-F141-E2).
  • A 1.5 mm nominal sensing range with switching frequency of 6000 Hz (NBB1.5-6,5S16-E2) or a 0.8 mm nominal sensing range and switching frequency of 10 KHz (NBB0,8-F141-E2).

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