AVX (Greenville, SC) has introduced 2 new series of miniature RF-DC and RF-RF SMT Crossovers capable of supporting frequencies up to 6GHz. Utilizing AVX’s patented MLO technology, which matches the CTE of PCB material and provides low loss across a wide RF spectrum, the new X2A Series RF-DC Crossovers and X2B Series RF-RF Crossovers provide low profile solutions for applications in which a critical RF circuit trace intersects a DC or an RF circuit. Features include:

  • Ideal for base stations, mobile communications, GPS, vehicle location systems, and wireless LANs.
  • Provides an alternative to PCB vias and coaxial jumper cables.
  • Supports frequencies up to 6GHz.
  • Designed for use in temperatures ranging from -55°C to +85°C.
  • Low loss, DC/high isolation.
  • NiSn terminations compatible with automatic soldering technologies.
  • Low profile, improved heat dissipation.
  • Solderability.
  • CTE that matches most common circuit board materials.
  • Meets JEDEC reliability standards.


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