Hirose Electric (Simi Valley, CA) has introduced a narrow 1 mm pitch, board-to-wire connector that significantly reduces the required PC board mounting area. An innovative latch is designed to prevent uneven locking commonly attributed to side locks and to prevent incomplete mating. Features include:

  • A positive locking mechanism located at the center of the connector.
  • A robust and reliable lance structure.
  • A high cable pull force of 10 N min.
  • A 2-point contact system.
  • A nickel barrier plating to prevent solder wicking.
  • A single-row with 2 to 16 positions or a double-row with 30-positions.
  • A current rating of 1 A per pin.
  • A voltage rating of 100 VAC/DC.
  • A contact resistance of 50 mO maximum at 20 mV (1 mA).

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