The advanced design of the new ROTRON (Kent, OH) Minispiral 12 V HDC Extra Flow/Extra Wide Regenerative Blower combines a high-performance DC brushless motor/blower with a state-of-the-art electronics package to deliver air flows up to 12 standard cubic feet per minute (SCFM) and air pressures up to 26 inches of water gauge (IWG) from a four-inch diameter package size. The ROTRON Minispiral blower is both compact and quiet, and features:

  • A high-performance design that measures a compact 4.18” X 1.83” (106.2 x 46.5 mm).
  • A weight @ less than 2 pounds (0.86 kg.).
  • A glass-filled phenolic molded blower and impeller cover.
  • A die-cast aluminum motor housing. 
  • Integrated control electronics that provides variable air flow control.
  • Stainless steel, permanently lubricated bearings that provide the brushless DC motor with up to 30,000 hours of bearing life. 

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