Lenze Americas (Uxbridge, MA) has expanded support to material handling operations with its fully integrated energy efficient solution package comprised of DSD software, MF(multiple frequency) gear motor with GKR bevel gearbox, and the 8400 motec with VFC eco mode.

The Drive Solution Designer (DSD) features:

  • The recording of projected energy consumption in an Energy Performance Certificate. 
  • The use of DSD to select drive packages with MF motors.
  • Efficient drive dimensioning from a single source provider.

The MF Three-Phase AC Geared Motors feature:

  • A unique winding that provides a wide speed range and a high degree of efficiency.
  • Gearing rated to a frequency of 120Hz with a supply voltage of around 400V or roughly 3,500 RPM.
  • A 96 percent efficient bevel gearbox.
  • Constant torque in speed ranges of 24:1.
  • A high dynamic response time from 0-3500 rpm in 500 mili-seconds.

The 8400 Motec Inverter Drive features:

  • A power range of 0.5 -10.0 HP (0.37-7.5 kW)
  • The ability to daisy chain the power source among the adjacent units.
  • Efficiency levels of 92 to 98 percent.
  • The energy-saving function VFC eco (Voltage Frequency Control economic).

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