Applied Motion Products (Greenville, DE) has announced the release of our new line of brushless DC motor drives. The BD5 is a brushless DC motor drive that is based on advanced control technology featuring excellent performance and ease of use.  The drive is aimed at OEM applications that require high performance, high speed stability, basic speed control and low cost. Features include:

  • A supply voltage of 12 to 48 VDC.
  • An operating current of 5 amps RMS continuous and a peak current of 10 amps RMS.
  • Velocity control over a wide speed range.
  • An on-board trimpot,. a 0-5 V analog input, or via the drive's digital inputs.
  • The availability of dedicated stop and enable inputs.
  • Three performance matched 42 mm brushless DC motors with a maximum speed of 4500 rpm and a continuous torque of 0.225 N-m (32 ounce-inches).

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