Ocean Thin Films (Golden, CO) has introduced PixelCam, the first commercially available “snapshot” multispectral cameras for shortwave infrared (SWIR) analysis from 700-1,700 nm. The cameras harness SWIR’s powerful imaging by simultaneously acquiring four or more standard and custom spectral bands with a single camera, enabling extraction of spectral information not noticeable with panchromatic SWIR devices. This feature makes the PixelCam especially useful for applications in biomedical imaging, process control, and high-contrast security and surveillance environments. Additional features include:

  • PixelTec’s precision micro-patterned optical coating technology.
  • Robust SWIR area sensor cameras.
  • High-transmission dichroic filter arrays.
  • PixelCam cameras preconfigured with 3 and 4 bands.
  • A custom filter array integrated into a solid-state InGaAs imager with a full resolution of 640 x 512
  • Simultaneous 12-bit Camera Link digital and RS170 analog outputs and an external trigger.

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