Holt Integrated Circuits (Mission Viejo, CA) has announced the introduction of HI-8425, a new 3.3 V octal discrete-to-digital sensing IC with quad low-side drivers and built-in lightning protection. The device is also fully compliant to Airbus ABD0100H. The HI-8425 compliments Holt’s HI-8430, which has the same sensing inputs. Features include:

  • Quad high-side drivers.
  • Eight sensing channels may be configured to detect either GND/Open or 28V/Open.
  • A 3.0 to 5.5 V supply.
  • Sense detection levels from 2 to 21 V.
  • Four low-side output drivers that are capable of driving 200 mA loads.
  • Over-current shutdown protection, with fault detection signaled on external pins.

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