Heavy machinery, electric forklifts and other systems often experience battery drains during startup, when much of the current is devoted to running large engines, leaving this equipment starved for power. CAS DataLoggers (Chesterland, OH) has announced the low-cost solution with the new Two Channel DC Voltage and Current Data Logger, recording DC voltage and DC current (avg, max and min) at high accuracy. Features include:

  • A comprehensive kit which includes the data logger, a DC current probe, three fused voltage leads, a USB lead, a 12Vdc PSU, and software.
  • The capability to monitor one or two DC voltage channels from 1 V to 300 Vdc, and one DC current channel (+/-10 or +/-100 A).
  • An IP65 rating, with NEMA 12/4 rated versions also available.
  • Accuracy to <1% of range.
  • A memory capacity of 32,000 true RMS values per channel (10 bit).

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