Dytran Instruments, Inc. (Marilla St. Chatsworth, CA) has developed the VibraScout Vibration Measurement System, which includes a USB digital triaxial accelerometer combining a MEMS accelerometer with a microcontroller to create an intelligent sensor. The VibraScout Vibration Measurement System features:

  • A USB triaxial DC response accelerometer.
  • A 15’ 4-pin to USB cable assembly.
  • VibraScout Data Acquisition Software and VibraScout Windows compatible Post Processor software on CD (no license required).
  • Power from a PC bus.
  • Real-time, three-directional acceleration acquisition (including Static Inclination) along with real-time temperature monitoring.
  • A 16 g range.
  • An integrated VC chip in a hermetically sealed titanium housing weighing 17 grams.
  • A low-end frequency response down to DC (0 Hz) and an upper frequency range of 1,100 Hz.

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