The economical inclinometers introduced by POSITAL (Hamilton, NJ) provide an impressive accuracy of 0.1°, making it an accurate option when compared to the conventionally used potentiometer- or pendulum-based inclinometers. POSITAL inclinometers are suitable for a number of industrial applications since they can withstand rough environments, prolonged exposure to dust, UV radiation as well as high-pressure water, boasting an IP 69K rating. Features include:

  • Built in filtering functionality which can be easily optimized to best suit an application.
  • Availability as single-axis (360°) or dual-axis (±80°) models.
  • A tough fiber-reinforced PBT plastic housing or extra-rugged die-cast aluminum housing.
  • A potted, fully encapsulated design.
  • An IP69K rating to withstand the harshest environments.

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