Nippon Pulse (Radford, VA) has taken much of the work of integrating a linear motor into a system with its SCR and SLP linear stages. Both are built around Nippon Pulse’s Linear Shaft Motor, the first motor designed for the ultra-high precision market.  Both the SCR and SLP series stages come with integrated bearings and encoders to reduce cost and simplify integration into your application. Features include:

  • A 1μm resolution (SCR and SLP).
  • An acceleration force up to 40 N (SCR) and 970 N (SLP).
  • Stroke lengths between 20 and 300 mm (SCR).
  • A 2.5 μm straightness (SLP) and flatness on SCR Nanopositioning series.
  • Availability with a single or double slider (SLP).

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