For industrial automation applications, Baumer (Southington, CT) now offers a family of Ethernet-ready encoders designed to interface seamlessly with EtherCAT, Profinet, PowerLink, and Ethernet/IP controllers. The Baumer line also includes "power over EtherCAT" encoder products that require only a single cable for data exchange and power supply. Features include:

  • Shaft or hollow-shaft configurations.
  • The availability of magnetic or optical sensing technologies.
  • Single- and multi-turn capabilities.
  • The capability of withstanding exposure to high shock (300 G's) and high vibration.
  • Highly accurate motion feedback data with single turn resolutions to 18 bits and  multi-turn capabilities up to 31 bits.
  • A modular bus cover that can remain live even if the base encoder is de-coupled from the bus cover.

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