Hirose Electric (Simi Valley, CA) has developed the new robust DF62 Series.  These slim in-line connectors were designed to take full advantage of small/confined spaces and are virtually tangle free. The small size and high durability of the DF62 Series connector makes it an ideal choice for servo amp, LED lighting, and portable medical device applications. Features include:

  • A locking structure that gives the user two lock completion indicators.
  • A tactile click and a visual check of the socket lock through the plug slit.
  • Smooth contours and a multi-row pin layout for contacts arranged in a grid pattern.
  • No exposed metal on the connector.
  • Box-shaped female contacts that work as a mating guide for male contacts.
  • A two-point crimp contact design delivers a reliable connection.
  • A current rating of up to 3 A.
  • A voltage rating of 250 V AC/DC.
  • A Halogen-free design as defined by IEC61249-2-21.
  • A maximum contact resistance of 30 mO.
  • Pin counts that are available from 2- through 7-position versions, as well as a 13-position version.

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