DIRAK’s (Sterling, VA) new line of SNAP-LINE fasteners securely joins two metal panels and can be used anywhere standard fasteners are used. Multiple options are available, including a line of SNAP-LINE Captive Fasteners which are ideal replacements for traditional captive screw and nut applications commonly found on 19” racks in the telecommunications/computer industries. DIRAK’s SNAP-LINE Captive Fasteners:

  • Install without tools or hardware.
  • Eliminate the concern of mounting hardware becoming loose and falling onto sensitive electronic equipment.
  • Simplify supply chain.
  • The OEM does not need to specify the fastener early in the design phase nor manage a complex global supplier network.
  • Offer end-user flexibility.
  • Feature D-SNAP Technology.
  • Applicability in telecommunications & computer enclosure assembly, 19” racks, industrial machinery, medical equipment, food equipment (non-food zone applications), and transportation & off-highway vehicles.

For more information visit or email options@dirak.