Analog Devices (ADI) has introduced a highly integrated data acquisition IC (integrated circuit) that uses one-third the board space of competing discrete devices to help engineers simplify the design and reduce the size of advanced industrial data acquisition systems. The new 16-bit, 1-MSPS (million-samples-per-second) ADAS3022 data acquisition IC is effective for power-line monitors, process and motor control, patient monitoring, and other industrial and instrumentation systems that operate within the ±10-V industrial range. Features include:

  • Integration of ADI’s 16-bit PulSAR successive-approximation A/D converter core with high-impedance input buffers.
  • A 7-stage on-chip PGIA (programmable-gain instrumentation amplifier).
  • An 8-channel, low-leakage multiplexer.
  • Precision low-drift 4.096-V reference.
  • Full 16-bit dynamic range over 8 channels.

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