Aitech Defense Systems (Chatsworth, CA) now offers the rugged C660, first in a new series of high-performance, single-slot Gigabit Ethernet switches. The new 6U CompactPCI PICMG 2.16 compatible switch serves as a robust communications backbone for moving massive amounts of data around tightly coupled processing or I/O data concentrators, typically found in embedded telecom, military, aerospace and spacecraft applications. Features include:

  • High-speed connectivity and traffic management for streaming video, audio, and data.
  • Advanced switching and routing tasks including traffic prioritization, trunking, filtering and mirroring in the hardware.
  • The use of Marvell’s BobCat Gigabit Ethernet (BobCat-GE) switch controller and Marvell MTS management suite to perform Layer 2 and 3 routing and switching for 24 Gigabit Ethernet ports.
  • Frame switching for Layer 2 that is based on MAC address information.
  • An integrated, low power, high performance ARM-compatible Sheeva CPU core operating at 800 MHz.

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