The 319 Series oil-less, WOB-L Piston DC pump and compressor from Thomas (Sheboygan, WI) is small, lightweight, (5.1 lbs/2.3 Kg) and is manufactured with die-cast aluminum components for strength and durability. Perfect for mobile applications including air suspension, air doors, air horns, air brakes and clutches, and fuel systems, the 319 Series includes EMI suppression and is RoHS compliant. Features include:

  • A corrosion resistant e-coated exterior finish.
  • A stainless steel inlet valve.
  • A thermally protected motor and inlet filter/exhaust muffler for quiet operation.
  • Up to 150 PSI (10.4 bar) of maximum intermittent pressure.
  • 93% local barometer of maximum vacuum.

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