The LightVISION is a compact, screw-in, robust, industrial, and RoHS embedded parallel optical module that offers superior performance to current optical interconnect
technologies such as QSFP+ and QSFP28.

The LightVISION has been especially designed for data intensive imaging and machine vision applications that require high-resolution cameras, sensors, LIDAR, and surveillance
cameras. The LightVISION can be deployed in harsh environments found in smart cars and smart cities applications.

The LightVISION optical interconnect solution can support a bandwidth of up to 150 Gbps over 100 meters. Furthermore, it is offered with a standard MTP/MPO snap-in interface that facilitates its integration into commercial products. The LightVISION is highly flexible: it is offered as a 2 to 12-lane (transmit or receive), or as a 4-lane duplex transceiver. All modules operate at up to 12.5 Gbps per lane at ultra-low bit error rates of 10-15.

Reflex Photonics’ Product Manager, Guillaume Blanchette said, “The LightVISION small-form factor is particularly well suited for the new generation of high-speed, high-bandwidth 40GigE cameras. Its revolutionary technology reduces SWaP and improves overall design and ruggedness of these instruments. Compared to QSFP+, the Reflex Photonics LightVISION occupies 7 times less space, has
multiple board mounting option, and consumes less power.”