Shaft couplings in servo axes are subjected to completely different requirements depending on the application. For this reason, mayr power transmission provides an extremely wide and mature product portfolio, featuring various steel bellows, elastomer and disk pack couplings in their product range. Just recently, the company extended its standard modular system with several new hub designs and intermediate sleeves.The intelligent modular system also ensures high availability and short delivery times for standard components. Furthermore, mayr power transmission is equipping itself for the future and is reacting to continuously increasing challenges with new, modern production methods and optimised internal handling.

The company also has high-speed servo couplings with speeds up to well over 20,000 rpm in its product range. On these constructional designs, the individual parts are manufactured to high accuracy and constrained radial run-out tolerance and axial run-out deviation, and are balanced incompletely assembled condition. Due to the fact that these couplings – as with all other constructional designs – must be accurate and function reliably, mayr power transmission extensively tests all couplings
on modern test stands under the conditions which also prevail in real applications.

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