The Sapphire force displacement test station is designed for accurate, repeatable force and displacement measurements of various types of tactile switches and switch assemblies.

The Sapphire is a stand alone unit that tests and displays measurement data on an LCD touch screen display. Full measurement reports can be uploaded to your network or a USB drive.

The Sapphire is used to test metal domes, poly domes, membrane switches, and most other switches. The test station conforms with ASTM standard F2592. Tests include trip force, return force, standing free height, displacement (travel), tactile ratio, tactile activation slope, switch resistance, and other ASTM measurements. It can detect two separate electrical contacts and it can be used to characterize resistive touch screens.

• Measures trip force, return force, free height, displacement, tactile activation slope, and resistance

• Tests a variety of mechanical switches and switch assemblies, and can be used to characterize resistive touch screens

• Conforms to ASTM standard F2592

• Access reports through your network, or via USB flash drive

• Intuitive touch screen display for easy operation and results

• Two resistance circuits to measure multiple electrical contacts

• Compact design, portable

• Adjustable test head for a wide range of product heights

• Custom specifications available

• Designed and made in the USA