The new Brookfield KU-3 Viscometer, which measures paints, coatings, inks, adhesives, and pastes, revolutionizes ease-of-use. Special magnetic spindle coupling enables rapid spindle attachment before the viscosity test and quick release afterward for cleanup. LED display includes a choice of Krebs units, grams of weight per ASTM D562, and centipoise. 

  • Accuracy: +1.0 percent of range
  • Repeatability +0.5 percent
  • Standard Krebs Spindle
  • Expanded measurement range (40 o 141 KU, 32 to 1099 gm, and 27 to 5274cP)
  • Lock-In Test Results with hold key
  • Adapter provided for pint and half-pint cans
  • Includes instrument, Krebs-type Spindle (KU-1030), and adapter for Pint and Half-Pint Cans
  • Optional accessory: paste spindle (KU-1031)