Photo Credit: Daimler

German energy company E.ON said Monday it was working within a government program to advance charging points for electric-powered mobility options.

The company's subsidiaries submitted grant applications for more than 700 charging stations on behalf of the municipalities in which they operate.

"Using various models, E.ON's regional companies are offering charging solutions for all public or commercial parking areas," the company stated.

Earlier this month, E.ON said it was working through a partnership with Denmark based e-mobility service provider CLEVER to develop networks for electric vehicles on main European motorways. The partnership said it was now teaming up with the Norwegian and Danish retail gas station chain YX Energi to build dozens of charging stations across Norway.

Norway leads Europe with deployment of electric vehicles, with about 100,000 on the road already. The German government in February, however, unveiled plans to steer $320 million over four years to increase access to high-speed charging stations for electric vehicles.

E.ON said its e-mobility effort was part of a national program to promote charging stations. The goal is to develop 15,000 platforms for various uses across the country. The German company added it was engaged with CLEVER to find ways to collaborate more with automobile manufactures and retail filling stations to advance e-mobility options further.

bloc-wide effort to develop e-mobility options is supported by the Intelligent Energy Europe program of the European Union. An international report published Monday finds that for passenger vehicles alone, 7 of the 10 new cars on the road by 2050 would need to be electric cars, compared with 1 out of every 100 today, to curb global temperature increases.