An illustration conveys the wide net in which the Internet of Things would spread. (Wilgengebroed)A survey of 3,500 consumers across the globe concluded that the trio of healthcare, renewable energy and the environment are the top priorities for IoT technology and innovation.

Element14, a global online network of more than 325,000 engineers and technology fanatics, released the study on Wednesday, which includes consumer research from the United States, China, the United Kingdom, Australia, France, India, and Germany.

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Of those surveyed, 59 percent believe the upmost priority for IoT technology and innovation is healthcare. However, those surveyed did not show resounding support for healthcare, as runners up renewable energy (56 percent) and the environment (47 percent) gained plenty of confidence as well.

When further examining the study, it becomes evident that IoT technology and innovation beliefs differ from country to country.

More than any other country (three times greater) surveyed, those in China believe space travel and aerospace deserve the strongest backing, Indians believes education is most crucial, and those in Germany are partial to improving entertainment by way of technology.

In addition to the examination of IoT technology and innovation priorities, the survey also asked consumers what technologies they want to see rolled out this year. Universal internet got the most votes (68 percent), followed by flexible or foldable screens, 40 percent; self-driving cars, 37 percent; and space tourism, 15 percent.

The study was fostered by element14’s “Engineering a Connected World” initiative. The mission includes a number of global design challenges focused on innovation in energy efficiency, food production and medical technology. The challenges will be hatched throughout the next 24 months. Newark element14 will use the challenges to review the development of more than 100 engineering prototypes and concepts.

“As the world’s largest community of engineers and technology enthusiasts, we wanted to know consumers’ perspectives on where engineers should apply their abilities in design and innovation,” said Dianne Kibbey, Global Head of Community, element14. “Our broader ‘Engineering a Connected World’ initiative is designed to reflect those priorities and will connect engineers to powerful new ideas, the latest technologies and to each other to create innovative solutions to everyday problems. Through our design challenges, our Community can actively explore technology that will make people’s lives better, more fulfilling, more exciting or make a difference in how they live and work.”

A few of the challenges have already begun.

As part of “Enchanted Objects,” engineers are tasked with using embedded IoT technology to re-create everyday objects. Pi Trading is sponsoring “Sci Fi Your Pi,” which tasks engineers and other interested parties with using the Raspberry Pi 2 to create science fiction stimulated design applications.

Other challenges are in the works regarding vertical farming and smart vehicle technology.