Ground Screws Missing Threads

Trane is recalling its air conditioning systems due to a shock hazard as the ground screws used in some units do not have the two threads that are required to provide sufficient grounding.

No injuries have been reported, but the unit, manufactured in Mexico, should be immediately turned off at the main breaker switch.

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Battery Signal Fails to Function

Linear LLC, based in Carlsbad, California, has expanded its recall of personal emergency reporting system transmitters, because the transmitters can fail to emit the low battery warning. Without the warning, users may think the transmitter is functioning when it is not.

The company has reported one incident of the transmitter failing to operate, but no injuries have resulted.

The recall involves about 175,000 units, manufactured in China, with a previous 48,000 recalled in December 2013.

Consumers should immediately contact Linear for a free replacement transmitter.

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Improper Wiring Poses Shock & Fire Risk

American Signature Furniture is recalling a table lamp, manufactured in China, as improper wiring can pose shock and fire hazards to consumers.

The recall involves about 730 units, and although no injuries have been reported, there have been three incidents of the power dial switch on the lamp causing a short to the ground wire or popping a circuit breaker.

Consumers should unplug the recalled lamps and return them for a full refund or store credit.

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Digital Pianos Pose Shock Hazard

This recall involved Roland Digital Pianos manufactured in Japan and Indonesia. The AC power cord on the piano can be connected to the XLR output jack, posing an electrical shock hazard.

No injuries have been reported, but Roland did receive a report of a consumer connecting the power cord to the output jack.

About 640 units are being recalled. Consumers should stop using the pianos, unplug the power, and contact Roland for a free repair kit.

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