Combining a 15 MW test rig drive unit, and a 15 MW hardware-in-the-loops simulator, the world’s most advanced wind-turbine testing facility at the Clemson University Restoration Institute, is designed to test wind turbine nacelles (generating component enclosures) that are three times larger than any currently being used today.

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Forty-three feet in diameter, the 15 MW test rig drive unit weighs 400 tons, with a dynamic off-axis and bending moment load applicator capable of reproducing real-world conditions.

An artistic rendering of the completed 15 MW wind turbine drivetrain.

Curtiss Fox, Duke Energy e-GRID director, Clemson University Restoration Institute, stands in front of the 15 MW test rig.

turbine testing

True inductance is almost impossible to simulate, so by using real air-core conductors researchers are able to replicate realistic fault events on the Duke Energy e-GRID.