Brilliance has been around for more than 25 years, getting their start in the wholesale arena by providing diamonds and jewelry to local diamond shops.

“After the tech boom, we transitioned online and sell our diamonds and jewelry at wholesale prices to our customers,” says Shai Barel, director of strategic partnerships at Brilliance.

“Even though we are 25 years old, we still operate like a startup and are constantly improving our processes and incorporating new technology into our business model.”

The company’s most recent business model? 3D printing rings for customers to test diamond size and shape, “All, from the comfort of your of your own home,” adds Barel.

“As an online retailer, we are always thinking of ways to replicate the in-store shopping experience. We asked ourselves ‘what do customers love about shopping in-store versus shopping online?’ The answer was obvious: because you can feel, touch and hold what you want to buy,” says Barel.

“With that in mind, we launched a program that gives you 3D printer files (or, if you do not have one, free 3D printed rings) so that you can try on the different rings, sizes and shapes.”

The company’s in-house designers and CAD specialists make the digital models of the rings, making sure the files are compatible with as many 3D printers as possible.

“Once the files have been tested, they are available for the customers use. If a customer does not have a 3D printer available, we have teamed up with a local 3D printer who keeps our offices well-stocked and we can send them out, for free, to our customers,” adds Barel.

After filling out their information, customers receive the CAD files within 3 days, or if they don’t have access to a 3D printer, the rings are mailed within the week.

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