Engineers of every discipline face new challenges in the modern workplace, whether by keeping pace with rapidly developing technology, or accessing essential software while working in the field. Besides calling on knowledge and experience to get the job done, engineers rely on a host of resources and tools that, thanks to the development of mobile applications, are becoming increasingly accessible from handheld devices.

If you are looking for innovative solutions to save time and make your job easier, consider these top mobile apps designed with engineers in mind.

1. Engineering Pro

Even experienced engineers are typically only comfortable working with a handful of formulas from memory, making a comprehensive app such as Engineering Pro a valuable resource for referencing a library of formulas for complete accuracy. Categorized for engineers working in chemical, civil, electrical, environmental, or mechanical fields, this app contains more than 650 (and counting) of the complex formulas that engineers are most likely to require. With Engineering Pro, making calculations and applying conversion formulas is as simple as slipping out your smartphone - plus, you can even save favorites for quick access, as well as share results instantly via email.
Price: $11.99

2. TurboViewer X

Whether you are overseeing a project onsite or formulating plans with colleagues over lunch, TurboViewer X is a powerful and versatile tool for viewing your drawings from anywhere at anytime. This highly acclaimed app is the first of its kind to support both 2D and 3D drawings, and features easy uploading and a smooth, multi-touch navigation that lets you pan, zoom, and orbit documents. With a wide-frame, isometric view with impressive fidelity, TurboViewer X provides the flexibility to access projects remotely and deliver impressive presentations on your mobile device.
Price: $6.99

3. Finger CAD

Reaching beyond the ability to view drawings conveniently from anywhere, FingerCAD is an innovator in offering computer-assisted finger drawing with limitless possibilities on a mobile device. Recently updated and enhanced for ease of use, this app supplies a full complement of features to create accurate and detailed drawings, from being able to specify the thickness of walls, to providing portrait and landscape orientation. The drawings you create can then be saved, shared, revised, and reviewed, making FingerCAD an intriguing app for engineers looking for ways to boost production and creativity.
Price: $5.99

4. Free Graphing Calculator

If you, like many engineers and engineering students, require a graphing calculator, this free app is hard to beat for power and flexibility. The Free Graphing Calculator outperforms most for-pay apps, supplying a highly functional scientific calculator, detailed graphing capabilities, a unit converter, and more. Talk about having a powerful tool concealed in your smartphone - this calculator app not only features intuitive controls for more efficient calculations, but also has a reference section for recalling formulas, help and support screens, and a function to keep track of significant figures.
Price: Free

5. iEngineer

A little app that can save you a ton of time, iEngineer boasts an incredibly comprehensive database of screws and bolt information in a single, mobile source. With quick access to complete specifications for over 300 U.S. and metric screws, you'll be thankful to never have to search a wall chart to find what you are looking for again. The app provides physical details such as dimensions and tap sizes, and visual aids for easier identification, as well as pertinent information pertaining to strength and load. With drill charts, fraction charts, assistance with conversions, and a feature that converts the flash on your phone or tablet computer into an emergency work light, iEngineer is one of the most useful free apps an engineer can ever own.
Price: Free

6. iCircuit

Wish you had a tool that allowed you to design and simulate the performance of live circuits from the convenience and safety of a hand-held mobile device? iCircuit offers more than 30 elements for building circuits in a virtual environment, a multimeter to probe circuits for instant voltage and current readings, and a built-in oscilloscope to test circuits with varying signal voltages. From simple to complex applications, including both analog and digital circuits, iCircuit provides real-time analysis, whether you are tinkering with ideas for a new project, or problem solving at a remote location.
Price: $9.99

Final Thoughts

Engineering can be a demanding line of work that calls for technical accuracy and professional proficiency. By utilizing the power of mobile applications, you can assemble of virtual toolbox of resources and reference materials to have on the ready wherever the job takes you or whenever inspiration strikes.

What additional useful mobile apps can you suggest?