Adeon Software House, specialists in software systems for the electronics industry, has announced a new software tool, BOMArchitect, for the super fast, hassle-free, validation and processing of Bills of Materials (BOM). Developed to meet the needs of electronics manufacturers BOMArchitect replaces the time consuming and repetitive process of reviewing BOMs with a high-speed process that takes hours, rather than days; minutes, rather than hours. Quotation and New Product Introduction (NPI) lead times are drastically reduced, delivering a significant reduction in time to market.

BOMArchitect is a revolutionary BOM processing technology that incorporates an advanced component information system. Quotation accuracy, speed and time to market are greatly improved by intelligently automating the BOM process. The new toolset enables EMS providers and their supply chain partners to use all available product information from internal and web based sources in a consistent and optimized manner, and with full privacy controls and security assured, BOMArchitect also shares information with full traceability.

“Having worked with EMS companies for many years, we completely understand where the headaches and bottlenecks are, and have developed a BOM toolset that utilizes our expert technology and knowledge to deliver a product that spans the needs of electronics development, design, engineering, procurement and production. Next month sees new product functionality for the design and layout environment,” commented managing director, Jan Keijzer.

“BOMArchitect brings extraordinary levels of automation and a sophisticated parts search functionality for real-time component information exchange and online collaboration. This new functionality adds high value particularly during the quotation and NPI phases. By creating structure, transparency and speed in the information exchange between design and manufacturing we make the much desired ‘early involvement’ in the design process a reality.”

Modular BOM Toolset

An open system, BOMArchitect seamlessly interfaces with all enterprise systems common to the electronics supply chain, and used in the product realization process (e.g EDA, ERP, PLM, MES). Reducing the BOM validating and processing time by 50% or more, engineers can achieve higher quality outputs as errors are significantly reduced or eliminated. BOMArchitect fast tracks the quotation process and simplifies the tasks of part sourcing and purchasing, harnessing the value of the company’s ERP data. Formal and informal Approved Manufacturer Lists (AMLs) form a dynamic part of the toolset’s knowledge base, storing and maintaining all customer related part information data that is created.

Neways Leeuwarden, a Netherlands based production facility of global electronics manufacturer, Neways Electronics International N.V., has worked closely with Adeon Software House during the evaluation stages and is one of the early adopter users. “BOMArchitect is an amazing tool …we have achieved, depending on customer and BOM types, a reduction of between 30% and 70% in BOM processing time. It offers a uniform way of working and typing errors have become extremely rare,” said Paul Akkerman, account engineer/ insourcing project leader.

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